Tree to Bar

Ensuring the best quality and finest flavour for our single origin, small batch chocolate from Chazuta, Peru.

Creating premium chocolate is a wonderful experience, and our adventure starts by planting and nourishing our cacao trees.

To highlight the virtues of cacao beans after the harvest, we ferment and dry them in our facilities with the upmost care. This fascinating process is carried out with rigorous procedures and a product traceability system which guarantees one of the best fine origin chocolates, with unique characteristics. As chocolate lovers, our passion now is cacao.


The process of crafting the perfect chocolate

Direct Trade

Using the fairest practices to ensure the best quality.

Nina Chocolate is part of the Casa Qoya family. All of our cacao is sourced directly from our own finca and other farmers in Chazuta, within the premium cacao area of San Martin, Peru.

Our mission is to work with and empower farmers to grow the best cacao we can find. By providing transport, new technology and techniques, we incentivise high quality by paying a premium over the current market price.

Our Farm

Single origin beans and the highest quality chocolate.


Nina Chocolate uses only single origin cacao from Chazuta, a region at the edge of the Amazon within San Martin, Peru, an area world famous for its consistently high quality cacao.

Fundo Qoya, our farm in Chazuta, and other farms in the region, provide us with high quality, naturally grown, fine flavor cacao.

Our Creations

Exploring the endless options with high quality Cacao.
Chocolate, Nibs, Husk, Powder and other explorations with Nina Chocolate!

Just a few months after beginning the adventure of creating Nina Chocolate, we are pleased to have received 2 international (1 x Silver, 1 x Bronze) and 2 national awards (1 x Silver, 2 x Bronze). We are very happy to begin our work with cocao just three years ago.

ICA Award 2017




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The Myth

Along the banks of the majestic Huallaga river runs a girl. Always curious and playful, she could always be found playing with Yacuruna, spirit of the waters, where together they bathed in the most precious lakes and jumped into the most impressive waterfalls.

She was Nina, an Amazonian princess, the owner of fire.

That is until one day, while playing with a deer, she journeyed deeper in to the forest than she ever had before. There she found herself underneath the shade of the biggest tree she had ever seen in her short life. While she marveled at this, a jaguar approached silently, surprising her with its majesty, and called Nina to him.

Bewitched by the jaguars bright eyes, Nina was carried to the last corner of the forest, where she remained for half a lifetime, learning and discovering a world unknown by humans.

Over time, Nina became familiar with all of the animals and spirits that dwell within the jungle, but above all she learned about the plants. Those that can heal, connect, nourish and protect you. Nina knew that the mother spirit of each plant would share its wisdom with her and help her maintain balance within the jungle.

One day, while sipping her favorite fruit that beautifully adorns the trees in the area, the mother of the tree appears. The mother spirit wants to convey her knowledge and teach Nina the benefits and secrets of the noble fruit, the Cacao. Over time, she learned to appreciate the delicacy of the flowers, the sweetness of the juice and the magic of the seeds, which becomes the richest delicacy.

Nina spent her time learning about the benefits and the transformation of the seeds, extracting the mother spirits wisdom.
Over time, Nina realized that she was no longer a curious little girl, she has become the Amazonian Princess, responsible for sharing the knowledge of the cacao through the most special chocolates.

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Address: Jr Chorrillos cuadra 2, Chazuta, San Martín – Perú

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Nina Chocolate is part of the Casa Qoya family. 

Visit Casa Qoya to read more about our process and commitment to quality.